Omega digest

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Omega Digest contains high levels of digestibility enhancers which are the Probiotics, these are friendly bacteria that are essential for a healthy digestive system. Digest also contains an excellent prebiotic called fructo-oligosaccharides non digestible ingredients which serve to feed the good bacteria living in the horses hind gut, in turn helping the good bacteria to thrive.

Omega Digest is very good for horses with loose droppings or digestive upsets. these upsets can be caused by conditions or situations including starch overload, dietary changes, antibiotics, worming, competition, travelling and/or stress.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 21.00%
Crude fibre
Crude oils and fats 5.00%
Crude ash 7.00%
Soduim 0.50%

Brewers Yeast
Linseed Meal

Additives: (Per kg)
Digestibility Enhancers:

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (NCYC Sc47) 4b1702 1.3x 10 per g

2×10 per 15.5g serving

Additional information

Weight.7 kg


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