Nettex Feather mite powder

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Nettex Feather mite powder

Nettex Feather Mite Powder is ideal to keep mites away. It is a natural mite control powder that breaks down the waxy coat of mites causing them to dehydrate. It is easily applied directly to the feathers and used regularly is a highly effective way to control mites.

Can be applied directly to feathers of horses and ponies.
Apply as often as necessary to get mites under control.
Completely natural product.
Ideal to use to help prevent mite infestations.
Made in the UK.


For use on horses and ponies. Stroke feathers upwards and puff powder into them. Work powder in gently using a soft brush to base of feathers. For horses with heavy feathering, feathers may need to be clipped or trimmed. Repeat as necessary. For maximum effect wash feathers with Nettex Equine Veterinary Surgical Scrub first.

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