Gallagher M550 mains fence energiser

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Gallagher M550 mains fence energiser

A mains energizer with a fantastic price/quality ratio. The M550 has enough power for fencing of up to 25 km. The energizer has a simple, but sturdy housing with a power LED and is fitted with a lightning conductor.

Output Voltage (V)9200
Voltage with 500 Ohm (V)7000
Stored energy (J)5.5
Output energy (J)3.9
Max. current consumption (W)7.0
Advice Fence without growth (km)25
Advice Fence with light growth (km)10
Considerable growth (km) (advised)5
Recommended number of earth stakes3x2m
Output voltage @100Ω3500
Weight (kg)1.6
With display (led)No


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