zintec 3in1


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The flagship 3in1 lick is specially formulated to help maintain health status & wellbeing and is targeted nutritionally support healthy skin & hoof integrity. With the inclusion of the revolutionary IMUHERB plant extract it is simple, effective and should be part of every feeding programme.

Calcium – 10.5%

Phosphorus – 1.5%

Magnesium – 5.5%

Sodium – 7%

Selenium – 50mg/kg

Cobalt – 99mg/kg

Iodine – 300mg/kg

Manganese – 1000mg/kg

Zinc – 4100mg/kg

Vitamin A – 200.000iu/kg

Vitamin D3 – 40.000iu/kg

Vitamin E – 1000iu/kg

Vitamin B1 – 500mg/kg

Vitamin B12 – 600mcg/kg

Imuherb – 40000mg/kg

20kg tub

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Weight20.00 kg

Single bucket, 10 buckets, 25 buckets, 50 buckets


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