wydale cf5 calf feeder

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Wydale CF5 calf feeder

The Wydale CF5 5 teat milk bar calf feeder is the most popular from the range.

we use Wydale CF5 5 teat calf feeder ourselves, with excellent results.

Existing Ad Lib feeding systems have high establishment costs, are labour intensive and extravagant with milk. The Wydale System: Group calves of 3, 5, 6, 8 or 10 to a pen. Feeder(s) hang on the calf pen gate in such a way that the teats are level with the calves’ backs. Pour in the milk and make sure each calf is sucking. One person using two 5 Teat feeders can feed over 70 calves an hour. The cowling guides the calf to the teat and protects it from its neighbour ensuring slow drinkers get enough milk.

The wydale calf feeding system is not only fast and efficient it also remains the best for animal welfare. The troughs have compartments each holding 2 litres (3 1/2 pints) to the ridge along the back or 3 litres (5 1/4 pints) to the top of the weirs. You only need to fill up as many compartments as you have calves per pen. One sick calf can be given medicated milk/electrolytes if necessary and the rest plain milk.

Dimensions: Length – 1.27m Width – 0.51m Depth – 0.34m Weight 9.5kg

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  1. NB

    These are brilliant, since buying ours we have saved so much time. We looked other makes but the build quality comes no where near these. The teats are easy to replace and unlikely to fall apart like the peach teats do. We particularly like the individual compartments ensuring each calf gets the same amount of milk and you add treatments.

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