Gallagher M500 mains fence energiser

Robust & reliable
Fast, simple & up to date status checking
Split bolt terminals
Compliance with latest standards


Gallagher M500 mains fence energiser

The Gallagher M500 mains fence energiser is a strong conventional, low impedance, high voltage energizer with 5.2 Joules stored energy. Supplied with the latest digital technology providing trouble free usage for years. Suitable for long multiwire fences up to 23 km.

Output Voltage (V)9.3
Voltage with 500 Ohm (V)6.2
Stored energy (J)5.2
Output energy (J)4.0
Max. current consumption (W)7
Length according to EU standards (km)105
Advice Fence without growth (km)23
Considerable growth (km) (advised)9
Output voltage @100Ω2600
Weight (kg)1.47
With display (led)Yes

Comes with fence tester


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