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Birth alarm classic  incl anti roll girth

The Birth Alarm Classic is the basic model; an extremely reliable system with a transmitter and a receiver. With a maximum range of 500 metre, this system offers the horse safety and the owner/carer a good night’s sleep.

– Highly reliable because of the fixed receiver (excellent signal strength)

How does it work: Birth Alarm classic?
The Birth Alarm classic system has two different operating systems depending upon the behavioral characteristics of the mare.

In the late stages of gestation it is not normal for a mare to lie completely on her side when resting, this position is thus unique to the birth process. Usually mares will rest in a half lying, sitting or even standing position. For this group of mares the Birth Alarm classic is operated on 4a

Setting 4b

For mares which may lie completely over on their side in order to rest. There are two situations which may arise.

A. The mare lies down in the totally lateral position to rest. The alarm will not activate although the receiver does indicate that the mare is on her side and the transmitter is sending a signal. If the mare is still lying in this position after three minutes the Birth Alarm Basic registers that the mare is resting and the system is neutralized. Suppose after half an hour the mare gets up and then once again lies down on her side. The Birth Alarm Basic again registers the position for a period of three minutes. The period of three minutes is not arbitrary. Research has shown that a mare’s contraction never lasts longer than 2.5 minutes. The Birth Alarm Basic system is based on a period of 3 minutes – a safety margin of 0.5 minutes.

B. The mare lies down flat on her side. The alarm does not go off after 7.6 second as the system is set on 4b but the receiver does register that the mare is lying in this position. After the contraction the mare will prepare herself for the following contraction. She does this by coming out of the totally lateral position. If the Birth Alarm Basic registers this movement within a period of 3 minutes after the mare has lain down, the alarm activates.

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