Bateman Suporhandler cattle handling system

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Bateman Suporhandler

The Bateman Suporhandler cattle handling system is supplied in its own purpose-made portable crate with 3-point linkage, forklift channels and ratchet strap.

A 2500mm long (8’0″) Forcing gate creating a 5000mm (16’5″) diameter semi-circular cattle forcing pen, to hold approximately eight cattle.

Comprising of 3(no.) Free standing curved panels with our panels with our unique inset ratchet fins, 1(no.) Forcing gate with NEW lever operated spring-loaded sliding bolt in RHS frame, 1(no.) NEW CURVED exit for faster flow of cattle, 2(no.) 2500mm long support arches, 2(no.) 2460mm long x 1750mm high hurdle, 1(no.) 850mm wide race joining arch and coupling rods.

1750mm high throughout
5000mm diameter forcing semi circle



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